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The Digital marketing process

Understand Your Services or Product

Before we can take your business to its new level, we need to know exactly what you are currently doing and how you do it. We need to know how you are selling your products/service and who your buyers are. Understanding your buyers is essential to the process.

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Marketing & Sales Goal

How much money do you want to make? Seriously, we need to know. Because we will help you build the budget and monthly tasks to hit that goal. With online marketing, you can almost ‘buy’ your clients, and we want to make it as cheap as possible so that you can have a massive return on your investment.


Who is your competition and what are they doing? We need to know what is working for your competition and how we are going to outperform them. We will look at how they market online, website designs, user experience, business model and so forth. We do a full audit of your competitors.

Cape Town Website Agency
Cape Town Website Agency

Buyer Journey Funnel

This is the most important step in digital marketing. We need to know the correct method to attract clients, how to educate them, how to get them to buy from you! Once they buy-in, we need to move the sale from ‘clients’ to ‘brand advocates’ to ensure your business continuously receive targeted leads.

Website Development

Now that we know the journey, we will develop the website according to the buyer’s journey and your buyer’s information. We need to entertain the buyers and make sure the website allows visitors to interact with your company. You will spend money on advertising to make sure your website is multiplying your online investment.

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Content Development

In the buyer’s journey, we will identify what content must be developed to attract, educate, and assist with the decision making to buy from, or use you. Our digital marketing agency will design a content plan with future content, that must be developed. Content marketing will also help with your Google page rankings as Google loves fresh and relevant content.

Develop Monthly Digital Habits

SEO & Digital marketing is not a once-off thing. You need to implement a monthly habit that keeps your website updated and your content relevant. Our agency will also monitor the performance and amend the monthly digital marketing plan habit, to ensure we hit your original goal.

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traffig Cape Town

Increase  Awareness – ONLINE ADVERTISING

Now everything is in place for you to convert visitors to buyers, but you have not ranked on Google yet. SEO rankings take anything from 3 to 12 months on Google. We know that 90% of all sales are done on the first page of Google, so we need to implement a Google Ads budget to help you be on page 1 immediately and make money.

Measure Performance

As mentioned, earlier our SEO & Digital marketing agency in cape town will measure your website and sales performance and make sure you are in the green. If we see that there is an issue, we take action as soon as possible. Constant monitoring is vital to ensure growth and keeping us on track to reach your income goals.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing process which increases the visibility of websites on search engines with the purpose of gaining an influx of quantity and quality traffic to websites.

  • Website Content Analysis. Our team conducts a full house website analysis to ensure that a business can perform optimally online. We carefully investigate the content of a website to ensure that the most important pages can be found on search engines and reach set target markets.


  • Industry-related Keywords. We spend ample time to research the most effective keywords related to your industry that will drive traffic to your website. Quality keyword analysis results in quality traffic which turns into sales. The best keywords are assigned to applicable pages on your website.


  • Content adjustment. The content on your website will be strategically restructured to ensure that search engines favour the content on your website. Well written content communicates authority and expertise. We assist you through the entire process.

A good SEO company in Cape Town should be focused on how the world of SEO is constantly evolving. Therefore at TraffiG, we are focused on the quality of links connected to your website, not the number of links.

  • We search for links from trade associations and directories that are of authoritative value. We only use high value and reputable sources.
  • High-quality content communicates authority and professionalism to viewers. It also establishes opportunities for quality websites to link back to your website, which is highly beneficial for SEO.

When you choose to work with an SEO digital marketing agency, you have the right to know where your money is going. If you choose TraffiG as your SEO company in Cape Town that you wish to partner with, you will receive a weekly performance report. You may also request a report at any given time

  • Ranking and Keywords. Each client can view their keyword search ranking and performance weekly. You will be able to inspect the visits on your website and the visitors’ behaviour and response. You will also see how your Google, Bing and Yahoo page rankings have grown as a result of keyword search optimization.
  • Website Traffic. The weekly report will include a meticulous examination of the traffic on your website. The geographical location of the website traffic, along with traffic interaction, will be indicated.
  • Link report. You will be able to view which high-quality links the TraffiG team have connected to your website.
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Google Ads Management In Cape Town

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Successful Campaign Establishment

A great deal of research and analysis is required to create a successful PPC campaign. The TraffiG digital marketing team will build your campaign to ensure that your target market will be reached and traffic is driven to your website. 

  • Goal driven. Our team will consult with you to pinpoint what your goals are and what you need to achieve. Once we have established your goals, we discuss how it will be achieved with your budget. A successful PPC campaign results in exceptional ROI.

  • Keyword analysis. Our team seek to find the most relevant and results-driven keywords related to your industry that will make your advertisement prosper without spending too much of your campaign budget. We ensure that your campaign’s full potential is reached by studying your competitors and other related factors.

  • Landing Page. It is important to choose the correct landing page when creating a PPC advertisement. The TraffiG digital marketing team will help make sure that once someone clicks on the advertisement, they are sent to a page with a compelling call to action that will increase the probability to convert sales.

  • Content of Ads. A well-written advertisement is the main factor which entices people to click on it. We write PPC advertisements that lure users to click on them and boots the opportunity of user interaction.
PPC Campaign Monitoring

The TraffiG digital marketing team continuously monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure that it is optimized to its full potential and deliver exceptional ROI. 

  • Testing. To ensure that all PPC advertisements run at peak performance levels, the TraffiG team monitor and test the effectiveness of the PPC advertisements on a continuous basis.

  • Analysing trends. User trends and behaviour are analysed and monitored. These trends can help determine if the ad is successful and what might need to be adjusted to ensure that it can be optimized.

  • Keyword monitoring. We the keywords that are pushing the best conversions. ROI goals are created and bids altered based on the findings of keyword monitoring.
PPC feedback report

When you choose to work with TraffiG, you never have to guess what is happening in your campaigns. All data, trends and findings are given to our clients to make sure they are thoroughly involved and informed on the performance of their PPC ads. 

  • PPC budget. The TraffiG team will provide you with insight on how your budget is being spent so that you can monitor what you are receiving in return.

  • Keyword data. The data that is derived from analysing the most effective keywords that prove to push conversions can help your business make qualified decisions.

  • Performance Monitoring. A report will be sent out where you will be able to view and study the above-mentioned data. The TraffiG team is readily available if you have any questions regarding your campaign.

Digital Marketing Reports

Website Traffic Report

Each client recieves a detailed traffic report that accuratly indicates total website user interaction, user location, the amount of time users spent on the website, which pages are the most popular, what the website bounce rate is and much more.

Google Ads Report

We consult with our clients to determine their goals how much their budget allows for Google Ads. Once a google budget is established, and goals are put in place, then the Google campaign can take off. Our team identifies what the top keywords are related to your industry and how to determine the cost per click on Google Ads to optimize positive results. You will receive a report that will demonstrate the performance of your Google Ads campaign.

Site Rankings Report

The site ranking report will provide statistics on the keywords and phrases used on your website to monitor online growth and evaluate SEO performance and ranking.

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Google Ads Marketing

Research indicates that over 49 percent of Google users click on Google ads. Contact us to help you setup the best Google Ads Campaign today. 


Seo & digital marketing in Cape Town

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Our Digital Marketing agency in Cape Town implements a digital marketing plan that can almost guarantee success because we believe in good digital marketing repetition habits. Our digital marketing plan is designed to increase our clients’ website traffic and improve their visitor to lead conversions by building a remarkably effective website.

Is digital marketing in Cape Town expensive?

No not at all, a good digital marketing agency will build a digital marketing budget that will meet your goals. In other words, there will always be a positive return on the digital marketing investment.

Free digital marketing session in Cape Town?

We would love to meet you. Our digital marketing agency is based in Cape Town with our head office in Willowbridge centre.

We can also do a full presentation on your company and give you an idea of how a digital marketing plan will look for you.