What is your Conversion Rate?

It is super important to measure the amount of traffic/visitors you receive compared to the number of leads you receive. It is a key component that must be evaluated every month. If needed, changes to a website must be made to increase the conversion rate. A 1% change in your visitor to leads conversion can double your business income. Our website design agency in Cape Town will assist you with these KPI’s

Website design in cape town

Our agency in Cape Town designs premium websites that help our clients to boost their brand and increase their profit. The websites that we develop are mobile-friendly, designed with Google specifications, and most importantly, appealing to our client’s target markets.

Premium Website Design

We can do anything with a website. We can build backend login pages for your clients, directories, online bookings, chat areas, online stores and countless more features. Our agency only uses premium upgrades and plugins that will not reduce your website speed or harm your website in any way. What you want we can build.

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Secure Website Design

Our website development agency makes sure all our website have a basic SSL certificate attached to the URL. You will see a little lock on the search bar and it will say “secure”. We provide an extra layer of security, should you work with clients’ credit card information and/or provisions for online transactions.  

Mobile Friendly Website

Since 50.71% of all searches come from mobile phones, it is critically important that your website should be able to operate across all devices.  Our agency ensures that all our clients’ websites perform flawlessly on all mobile phones, tablets and normal computers.

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Cape Town Website Agency

User Friendly Website Design

Clients want to enjoy your website. Our job is to give your clients the freedom to research, book, buy or contact what you have to offer with ease. A user-friendly website enables people to stay on your website for longer and enjoy the browsing experience. With good website planning, we get website visitors to do what we want them to do. Your website will be coherent and easy to navigate.

Google Ready Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for your website. Our websites come standard with good practice SEO. What this means is Google has certain rules that we need to comply with to ensure your page appears when people search for it. Once we are done building your state of the art website, we do a final audit and submit the website to Google.

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What must be updated monthly

Better Content Gives More Traffic

As your business grows, your website needs to keep being updated with what is new in your business. To ensure that your website remains a reflection of your business, content needs to be updated regularly.

Our clients provide us with new content and important information every month to add to their website for the public to see. A good way of illustrating that your company is proactive in engaging with clients, is to keep clients adequately informed on what is happening in your business. Updated content provides for opportunities to increase SEO rankings for your website on search engines and drive organic traffic to your website.

Software updates

We update the software on our clients’ websites every month to ensure that security, speed and usability of the websites are not compromised.

A well-designed and functional website is crafted by utilising multiple software integrations. The different software programs used are all in sync with one another. If one is outdated, it could affect the functionality and speed of a website to a great extent. It is therefore of utmost importance that website updates occur on a regular basis.

Website Backups

Websites need to be backed up at least every day. Websites are hosted in a cloud, and we use multiple software technologies to build the best website for you. However, there is the possibility that websites get erased for some reason. Although it has never happened to a traffig client before, it is one of the best security practices to make daily backups

We use the highest quality backup software that has stood the test of time to ensure that your website can be restored should anything go wrong.

Website Security

If a website has loopholes in its security system, it not only puts the website at risk of being hacked, it also makes your site visitors vulnerable to be exploited by hackers. Any website can be a target for hackers. Therefore, a rock-solid security system must be put in place and monitored daily. At TraffiG, we use advanced security software technology to ensure our clients’ websites are protected and monitored daily.

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Statistic show 72% of people who search for websites on Google use their mobile phones.  Is your Website mobile friendly?



Cape Town Website Agency

Your website is a direct reflection of your business, it is the first impression your client will get of who you are and what you stand for. A professional website that it is loaded with well-written content immediately influence user behaviour. People take in thousands of imagery and information per day. It is the daintier detail that makes your business stand out.

Is digital marketing in Cape Town expensive?

No not at all, a good digital marketing agency will build a digital marketing budget that will meet your goals. In other words, there will always be a positive return on the digital marketing investment.

Free digital marketing session in Cape Town?

We would love to meet you. traffiG digital marketing agency is based in Cape Town with our head office in Willowbridge centre.

We can also do a full presentation on your company and give you an idea of how a digital marketing plan will look for you.